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just because [Dec. 1st, 2004|04:48 pm]


[mood |hungryhungry]

k so i got a new lj and im applying again for funnn =)

Name: Kate
Age: 14
10 Favorite bands: Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Coldplay, Greenday, The Mile After, Modest Mouse, The Used, Death Cab for Cutie, Silverstein, and The Living End
Favorite CD: a mix
Favorite book(s): Haunted, Dreamland
Favorite Movies: Stand By Me, Fight Club, The Boondock Saints, Sleepover, Mean Girls
3 things you could not live without: Friends/Family, Money, my computer (all my pics and music etc. is on it)
3 things you can not stand: Clicking a pen when it's silent, trying too hard to be something you're not, pool sex...
Atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:

on the left

in the middle, duhh

on the right

im not drinking... it was just for kicks... family thing.

[User Picture]From: im_so_azn
2004-12-01 10:04 pm (UTC)
ya i can count. one more band... the living end
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[User Picture]From: im_so_azn
2004-12-01 10:07 pm (UTC)
jk... i just edited the entry... im wicked bad at this
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